• We have had a very productive five year relationship with Joe Fleming and VenorTech and highly recommend them.

    Senior Director Sales & Services — AI based Analytics SaaS Vendor

  • Despite the complexity, VenorTech did a great job in very quickly undertaking the search and presenting us with a good variety of qualified candidates.

    President — Service Lifecycle Management Vendor

  • Using their networks to identify some excellent people with a wide variety of skillsets and able to deliver great results. We would use Venortech again.

    President — VP Global Solution Delivery

VenorTech Limited is a company of headhunters specialising in executive recruitment

We offer a common sense and market-proven approach to your recruitment needs. We help Enterprise level IT vendors establish and grow their presence across EMEA, as well as working for Consulting and Industry clients where similar skills are required.

We provide search and selection services giving our clients access to the highest level of sales and services professionals across Europe. This covers your typical MD/VP EMEA, and bridges across to Strategy and Commercial Excellence functions.

We are a firm of pure headhunters that will proactively target and approach the people you want to hear about your opportunity — we do not advertise, we do not rely on job boards, and we do not rely on databases.

Candidate on telephone

Providing a more practical approach to pricing

Recognising there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to pricing, we offer 3 different services to suit your needs.

These are — Source, Enhance & Precision.

After we've discussed your requirements, you can pick and choose which option is best for you.

Whichever you go for, you will be dealing with the same people with the same level of experience.